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5 Best Bakeries in Chicago

5 Best Bakeries in Chicago

I have not been to many bakeries that I didn’t like, but I decided to compile this list from testing almost every bakery I have found (and tried) living in Chicago for the last 10+ years.  Over the years, my tastes have changed to prefer the European style of baking that is slightly less sweet. There are a lot of great bakeries in Chicago and I haven’t been able to try all of them, but I have narrowed the list to my five personal favorite bakeries and hope you enjoy!  


  1.  Scone City Bakeshop and Espresso Bar 1632 W Division St. Chicago IL 60622

Scone City serves the best scones I have ever tasted and they offer a wide variety of sweet and savory to satisfy every craving.  I would recommend the “halfwit,” which is bittersweet chocolate with cocoa nibs and an espresso glaze. The scones usually sell out early, so get there early to ensure your favorite option is still available!

  1. Lutz Cafe and Pastry Shop 2458 West Montrose Chicago, IL 60618

Lutz Cafe and Pastry Shop offers a large selection of traditional European pastries, tortes, cookies and chocolates.  The cream cake and chocolate chip cookies are amazing and the perfect amount of sweetness (if you don’t like the amount of sugar from grocery store cookies).   Lutz is also one of the few bakeries in the Chicago area that offers a traditional baumkuchen.  

  1. Cafe Vienna 2523 North Clark Chicago, IL 60614

Cafe Vienna serves the finest Austrian and German inspired pastries and breads in Chicago!  They also offer a full menu of breakfast and lunch, so you can enjoy a meal and take some extra pastries home!  The Elephant Ear pastry is the perfect combination of crunchiness and sweetness. You can also get the Elephant Ear dipped in chocolate for an extra bit of sweetness.   

  1. Dinkel’s 3329 N Lincoln Chicago IL 60657

Dinkel’s has been on the Chicago baking scene for almost 100 years and their popularity continues to grow!  Dinkels is most well-known for their Stollen recipe dating back to the 1800’s, but all of their pastries are amazing!  My personal favorite is the “old-fashioned” donut which is the perfect balance of sweetness compared to some of the more sugary recipes modern donut chains have.


  1. Sweet Mandy B’s  1208 West Webster  Chicago IL 60614

Sweet Mandy B’s has been the premier dessert location in Lincoln Park since 2002.  Decorated with pastel colors and a full menu of traditional American style baked goods, you will feel the warmth and nostalgia the moment you enter.  The cookie dough sandwich (yes, it’s cookie dough sandwiched by two actual chocolate chip cookies) is amazing! It’s a bit on the sweet side, but it will remind you of the times you were allowed to eat the leftover cookie dough as a kid!


David Marden

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