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How it Works:

Free Listing Service:

Welcome to the age of technology in the real estate industry!  Home sellers should immediately question the validity of a “FREE” listing service and proceed with skepticism.  More importantly, we urge users of our service to question the real estate industry standard of charging a fixed percentage (6%) of your home’s selling price, regardless of how much work the agent performs on your transaction or the actual selling price.  The widely accepted method of a real estate broker charging a fixed percentage for their services provides a negative “net value” to the home seller and is not quantifiable based on the services delivered by the agent.  A real estate broker should not deserve a guaranteed percentage of your home’s value for s specific period, regardless of how much actual work they provide for your specific transaction, or how much your home sells for.

How the Market Works:

Real Estate Brokers don’t sell homes, they market homes by using the multiple listing service (MLS).  The “market” for your home has already been created and in most scenarios, a broker is simply placing your property on the MLS and waiting for a buyer’s agent (usually from a different brokerage) to bring an offer.  Think about the features that convinced you to purchase the home in the first place; ” we need 3+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms in “X” neighborhood or school district.”  The same scenario is currently being played out by the potential “market” for your home and the same MLS is delivering the same homes to every brokerage and their clients.  Therefore, there is very little “value-add” of a listing broker in terms of marketing your property other than placing it on the MLS.  The “just-listed/sold” post cards are used to market the services of the broker and have a very low probability of securing a buyer.

The Hausmarkt Value:

List and Sell for Free, when you use Hausmarkt to sell and buy your next home.  The listing contract will be for 1% (listing agent fee) and will be refunded when you purchase your next home.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you can cancel your listing at anytime (and re-list if you want).


Sell your home for More Money:


  1. Provide some basic information about the property and upload photos
  2. Hausmarkt Broker will complete market analysis and help determine asking price
  3. Review and sign listing agreement (6 month contract)
  4. Prepare home for professional HDR photos and virtual tour (included).
  5. You will receive a lockbox to place on front door/gate/fence
  6. You will receive “for sale”  yard sign.
  7. Showing Requests:
  • Seller/owner will set their schedule for available times to show prospective buyers
  • Seller/owner will receive all showing requests via email.  They will be able to accept, decline, or suggest a new time
  • Seller/owner will have access to buyer feedback
  • Keep the home clean and tidy for all showings



  • smart offer capability
  • all documents available 24/7

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