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Most Surprising Interior Design Trends of 2019: Cuckoo for Coco Puffs

Most Surprising Interior Design Trends of 2019: Cuckoo for Coco Puffs

Millennials and interior designers alike are going absolutely cuckoo for vintage stuff, not for coco puffs. 

Perhaps the only timepiece leading this trend is the classic cuckoo clock. The bird perched from its nest in the maple tree across the street from your house isn’t enough to keep you awake. A cuckoo clock that is in good condition will be more than enough. 

David Marden, founder of real estate technology start-up Hausmarkt has been noticing a peculiar trend.  More high-end interior designers are using the cuckoo clock as a focal point of their decor design. At this moment in time, the cuckoo clock is making a comeback.

Cuckoo clocks originated from 16th century Black Forest Germany. Cuckoo’s were introduced to the rest of the world in circa 1850 when they started being exported to the rest of the world via trade. Many generations of Americans grew up with cuckoo clocks in their homes. Grandparents will have a great time setting the times and incorporating it into theirs homes interior, after the designers job is done. Even if you’re not a grandparent, after dusting the clock off and winding it up to the current time, you’ll sure feel like one!

With the advances in technology and changes in culture, there’s a generational disconnect between older and younger age groups. Creating a common interest with movies, cartoons, and in this case clocks;  make it easier for generations to bond over something they have in common. As we grow older, we’d like the new generation to share the same affection we have for figures we enjoyed growing up. Hence the remake of movies like Lion King. This manifests itself in many different ways. For interior designers, holding on to nostalgia is brought to fruition by the pieces they choose to decorate clients houses with. In 2019 cuckoo clocks have become the center piece for design, with people building around it aesthetically. 

For those of you that don’t know, the cuckoo clock is a type of clock that launches a bird from inside that chirps, “CUCKOO CUCKOO!!!”

This is the quintessential alarm clock. There’s no way you’ll be able to sleep through the noise. Owners also have to get up and manually stop the alarm from going off. Far from the one button snooze click most people are used to in this era of Apple watches. It may even scare your kids born in the 2000’s enough to make them on time to class EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Even in homes modeled to fit the modern aesthetic, the cuckoo clock is a genius blast from the past. Interior designers that are witty enough to include this in their arsenal deserve props and a project bonus.

In addition to the cuckoo clock other vintage collectible items are finding their place in the homes of the newest generation to become adults. This includes VCRs, record players, vinyl and cassettes, Nintendo 64’s, sega genesis, PlayStation classics, arcade machines and more. Some of us may vaguely remember these consoles from our childhood. To the younger kids, they’re ancient artifacts. 

For those of us that remember, these items take us back to a simpler time. When humans faced each other instead of their cellular devices. That same feeling of nostalgia brought about by all of those pieces of tech is what makes interior designers choose the cuckoo clock as their ideal time piece.  We found a great selection of authentic River City hand-carved cuckoo clocks on Wayfair.

I’m not exactly sure why these kinds of clocks are gaining popularity at the moment in time. There isn’t one particular moment driven by an influencer or public figure which is apparent to why they are making a return.  However, my guess is, it’s a pleasant surprise for baby boomers who thought their kind was extinct. They’re certainly way different from the most common digital clocks of today.



David Marden

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