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Secret to Picking the Perfect NCAA 2020 Bracket: How Data Outperforms Experts

Secret to Picking the Perfect NCAA 2020 Bracket: How Data Outperforms Experts

Hausmarkt is a tech centered real estate brokerage that values data over emotion when buying and selling. Their team of Data Scientists have found correlations between the mindset of participants in Real Estate markets and March Madness bracket pickers. Here we share a brief synopsis of what those overlapping discoveries are and ways they can lead to better decision making in selling property or picking the best NCAA bracket.

Once again, college basketball fans’ most exciting time of the year has returned. March Madness is here. Millions of people will create brackets with intentions to defy the odds and create a perfect pick. A feat that is close to impossible, yet every couple of  years somebody manages to come up with winning predictions. How do they do it? Crack the code to the original sports bet, possibilities are endless. Well as technology advances it can become easier, but only for those who use it right. 

Research & Develop Data-Based Strategy

Last year (2019), the Hausmarkt team of data scientists built a near perfect NCAA bracket, which was better than almost every “expert” in the country.  Hausmarkt achieved 153 total possible points on the 2019 NCAA bracket using the newly developed strategy. For those of you not familiar with the point system, this translates into correctly picking;  3 of the final 4 teams, the final match-up, and the winner! Some will say we are lucky while others understand we came prepared by using data. We’re confident a few changes found by the data science team at Chicago based real estate tech startup Hausmarkt; can help participants see it through to the end. They may have discovered the secret formula.

Overcome Cognitive Bias

The Hausmarkt Data Science team recognized patterns of bias in NCAA bracket selections based on geographic regions throughout the country. They developed a weighted average to assimilate these factors into a similar model used for real estate valuation. Patterns of bias in real estate reveal that emotion can trump logic in calculations of valuation, similar to picking your alma mater to become the NCAA champion.  Of course, you want to see your team win. The same way you want your home or your neighbors to be worth more money. Bias distorts perspectives from the reality of situations. Recognize counter-intuitive insights which can dramatically shift the grand outcome. Objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team or property. Are there any superstar players injured or suspended? Are your countertops wood, tile, marble? 

Prepare For Upsets

Resembling the fact that your home may not sell for the price you want, some things are out of your control. For example, college basketball is notoriously known for underdogs shocking the world. From the beginning of season to tournament time savvy pickers are able reap disproportionate benefits from unexpected winners. Contemplate which teams might be underestimated. Look at their track records of exceeding expectations. Chances are those that have beat the odds in the past are likely to do it again. 

Trust The Data

Trusting the data will get you better results and save time on decision making for your bracket. The same way it gets better service and saves money on your next real estate deal. Sports IQ is certainly important but there’s nothing more efficient than data.  More information can shift the outcome of the situation. For example, as an avid sports fan; you might take into account certain statistics overlooked by most people. But are you able to view the same available data to better predict the outcome of the NCAA tournament like Hausmarkt?  

Future of Real Estate

With technology and access to almost unlimited information, in 2020 you can better calculate a realtor’s value. Hausmarkt educates customers to help you navigate through the process. Traditional real estate brokers are outdated. Why pay a fixed percentage (6%) and use the realtor your grandparents recommended?  In the market to sell a home? We provide a list and sell for FREE* service (when you also buy a new home with us). Buyers will get a refund of 1%** of the purchase price.  Hausmarkt is the best way to buy or sell a home. 


David Marden

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